The Mexican Photographic Lottery was first shown to the Parisien public at the Centre Culturel du Mexique in the spring of 1995. On Wednesday afternoons, when children have the day off from school, the French public was invited to play the game. The box set with book and game was published later that year by Petra Ediciones in coedition with Conaculta. At the Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City in May of 1996, the photographs were first shown to the Mexican public. The show then traveled for three years. At the opening, famous comic singer Astrid Hadad “sang” the lotería in the open roof patio full of players at tables and chairs. A second opening was held on the following Saturday where children were invited to play to the riddles of “Perico” the Crazy Clown. The edition was reprinted in 1999 and in 2003 the Mexican Public School System (SEP) selected the book, ordering 120,000 copies to be distributed in the school libraries. In the United States, the work has been shown in Hope College, Holland, Michigan in 2003 together with a painted Lottery by Teresa Villegas (Variations on the Traditional Mexican Game of Lotería). A selection appeared in a group show with catalogue curated by Sue Nieland in the Sioux City Art Center, Iowa in 2005 (La Loteria: Una Ventana en la Cultura e Historia de Mexico - La Loteria: A Window into the Culture and History of Mexico).

Now in 2008 the classic series is still in demand and an all new edition is available. The photographs have been digitally reprocessed and are presented in a finely printed and larger book with many improvements over the first version. The presentation was held on August 7th at the Zapopan Museum of Art together with an exhibition where the public is invited every Thursday to play the Lotería.