This collection of black and white photographs, in homage to the traditional Mexican game Lotería, is a lyrical exploration of Mexico. With imagination and sensitivity, Jill Hartley recreates the figures from the popular game with scenes of Mexican daily life. The text in the book explains the origins and history of the Lotería and how to play the game, a kind of bingo with pictures. And, just like the typical Mexican lotteries of former times, this one can be played by reading the refrain or popular saying on the back of each card. The idiosyncrasies of Mexico have been artistically interpreted by Jill Hartley’s lens during many voyages over a period of ten years, in her desire to understand and to portray this everyday universe- its scenery, people and customs. Besides being entertaining, the Mexican Photographic Lottery is a lesson in art and ethnography. The art of photography is also a game of chance. The photographer’s wager is to capture a country and its people in a deck of cards. And our luck is to rediscover in her lottery the subtle charm that our familiar surroundings can offer.